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PostPosted: 14 Jun 2010, 09:57 
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In view that Division 1 is perenially the most active, exciting and of course star-studded league, I will be doing pretty extensive coverage of Division 1, with the response taken into accounts of course. Statistics, reports, previews, press conferences will be stuff I will be attempting to achieve.

But first of all, let's bid farewell to Richard from Chivas, Blagoy from Colo Colo and Oleg from Ulsan. At the same time, we welcome in veteran warrior Jean from Vasco da Gama and 2 first-timers in Division 1, Walter from Sao Paulo and Yu from Monaco AS.

Season 32 should be a very exciting one with all teams once again battling it out for the coveted title of FG Champions!

Note: Managers can approach me if they have public media comments, want to advertise their players or give out rumours, give pre-match/seasonal comments or simply any public announcements!

AS Monaco

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PostPosted: 22 Jun 2010, 10:33 
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Pre-Season Interview (Eirik Granados)

We sat down with last season's champions to discuss his aspirations and goals for the new season. Below is the excerpt.

Q: How did it feel like snatching the title back from Chievo after you lost out to them last season?

A: It feels extraordinary. Earlier this season some of the players was tired of my face, i did not used them in the field as I should. So I tried to play with less strikers and let the players have more free roles. And it did work well.

Q: What are your plans for next season and who would you view as the greatest threats to your throne?

A: I will give give some younger a chance next season, but I will make sure that my team is still 100k at least. There are many teams to take from, but I would say SK Lyn will be the hardest, if he go for title. My plans will be as this season.

Q: Which of your players would you single out as your team's Player of the Season?

A: Mohammed Youla. He does not have a better technique than Cristiano Ronaldo, but he doesn't dive. So in my eyes he is the best attacker in the world at the moment. He worked hard and had probably his season of his career. Because of all the interests in him, he will probably leave this season. I have younger ones who is tired of the bench.

And that was the interview with the Vitesse manager. Up and coming would be the team report for this season, and of course the title predictions!

AS Monaco

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PostPosted: 23 Jun 2010, 16:15 
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1. Vitesse Arnhem

Wage: 109.03k

Reserves: GK (101k), Average outfield 95.36k

Star Players: Khwela, Zijler, Vaineikis, Lika

Definitely the favourites to retain the title with a first team of seemingly no player below 100k. Besides that though, the team is extremely blessed with superb midfielders and attackers but seem a little short on the defence. That should be a strengthening point for the team this season but they have admirably 2 of the best keepers in the game fighting for the No. 1 shirt.

2. Vasco da Gama
Wage: 103.1k

Reserves: GK (70.24k), Outfield average 70.61k

Star Players: Parker, Quinn, Stubhaug, Cillufo, Tiburzi, Kuchmiy

Very strong squad built over the ages. I’m pretty sure veteran manager Jean has already started trying to plot Vitesse’s downfall just like how he did with Yokohama last season. However, his key games with similarly waged rivals should prove to be very important to whether he can get the title. It would certainly take a lot of tactical acumen to stave off opposition from the Division 1 stalwarts.

3. AC Chievo Verona

Wage: 103.04k

Reserves: GK (52k), Outfield Average 64.21k

Star Players: Yong, Johnson, Kumurija, Bolzoni, Donadoni

The runner-ups last season once again have a superbly strong team and look to challenge Vitesse all the way again with 2 superb loans. However, they do look a little short on depth and might just lose out to Vitesse on that.

4. FC Groningen

Wage: 102.8k

Reserves: GK (29.6k), Outfield Average 82.93k

Star Players: Aghahowa, Junfeng, El Hadj, Mostic, Perez, Rojas

The perennial powerhouse has one of the highest average wages in their history ever and could see them running very close to the league titles with the embarrassment of talent in their ranks. One of the very close matched squads with Vasco, Chievo and Parma.

5. Parma AC
Wage: 101.2k

Reserves: GK (56.64k), Outfield Average 69.55k

Star Players: Basturk, Zhiqiang, Buendia, Volanthen, Salloi, Zubeldia

Very impressive squad by the cup winners this season but one weak link in the squad would be their goalie who has pretty low stats for a Div 1 team. However, the rest of their squad is still extremely strong especially stats-wise. Should be an exciting watch this season, especially after they beat Vitesse in the Community Shield.

6. SK Lyn

Wage: 100.95k

Reserves: GK (90.72k), Outfield Average 70.13k

Star Players: Pedersen, Shaaban, Jixian, Al-Johar, Davidovic, Boudros

With 6 players above 100k, the team Eirik touted to be his closest opponent seems spot on to fight. Their squad is pretty balanced with a very strong keeper, they should probably do equally well as last season which saw them finishing in 3rd place.

7. FC Haka

Wage: 98.88k

Reserves: GK (78.88k), Outfield Average 87.57k

Star Players: Cameron, Linderoth, Sahbani, Cascarino, Aset

An ageing team but definitely still contains the core strength in it. This team has been one of the longest team to stay in D1 throughout the years and has proven their mettle every single season.

8. Lazio SS

Wage: 97.3k

Reserves: GK (84.8k), Outfield Average 88.75k

Star Players: Lyubchyuk, Fakin, der Kinderen,

Survived last season and updated well with a better squad this season. However, they are among the bottom half of the division and should be fighting a relegation battle. Still very strong though with a couple of stars to match the other strong teams in this division.

9. Monaco AS

Wage: 96.06k

Reserves: GK (47.2k), Average Outfield 70.72k

Star Players: Tumakov

Only team in Division 1 with only 1 player above 100k, the entire team will be relying on ex-Parma superstar Tumakov to keep them up. This being their first season in Division 1, it remains to see how rookie manager Yu can steer the weak side to safety after a dream season in 2B last season.

10. NK Zagreb

Wage: 95.4k

Reserves: GK (72.16k), Outfield average 84.37k

Star Players: Covello, Bum-Kun

Zagreb’s stay in D1 seems to have been overdue and if they don’t strengthen up, it could very well see them going down after many successful seasons avoiding relegation in Division 1. However, they have a very experienced manager and that could see them pip it again.

11. Sao Paulo

Wage: 90.95k

Reserves: GK (86.72k), Average Outfield 62.08k

Star Players: Mbouh, Djourou

Managed to promote on the last day of season 31 and would rely on their defence to keep them up. However, that average wage does look a little low and manager Walter should be kept busy this entire season trying to extend Sao Paulo’s magical run since last season.

12. Barcelona FC

Wage: 88.95k

Reserves: GK (86.4k), Outfield Average 59.68k

Star Players: Kokot, Osorio

Weakest team in Div 1, they would need to make heavy reinforcements to see them stay up but the 4th placed team last season has a strong 5-3-2 defence which could see them shut out most attacks. Could be the black horses and surprise everyone again.

AS Monaco

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PostPosted: 06 Jul 2010, 07:03 
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Team of the Week (4-2-4)

GK: Boy Waterman (Vitesse Arnhem)

This amazing keeper from kept up with his good record from Velez last season by ensuring that Vitesse were the only team left in Division 1 not to concede any goals.

DF: Ales Kokot, Marcos Rene Barreto (Barcelona FC)

Touted to go down at the start of the season, these 2 defenders have helped the Spanish team to defy the odds and stay at the top half of the table for the first two games. Such a wonderful pairing will only lead teams to think how they are going to score against the 5-man Barcelona defence.

DF: Arnis Mostic (FC Groningen)

This is a monster defender indeed. This defender has helped Groningen to a win and a draw this week and we saw him collecting a MOM award for his efforts. If Groningen is to play any part in the title race this time round, Mostic will definitely need to stay suspension free.

DF: Tadas Vainekis (Vitesse Arnhem)

The Lithuanian captain has been a rock at the heart of Vitesse’s defence and is definitely a key factor why Vitesse has not yet conceded yet. His psychic connection with goalkeeper Waterman has ensured that the Vitesse defence coped with every single attack their opponents could muster against them.

MF: Jaime Hernandez Molina (Vasco da Gama)

When a player can both score and assist, you know he’s a total gem for sure. This is a midfielder who can both score and assist!

MF: Majid Al-Johar (SK Lyn)

The Saudi midfielder already has 2 goals to his name and looks set to add more after a fantastic start. He scored his 50th goal for SK Lyn this week and has already expressed his delight to the faith of his manager.

AT: Alfons Ziljer (Vitesse Arnhem)

In a week where strikers stole the show, Ziljer did not manage to put his name on the score sheet. However, the way this deep lying forward has managed to provide for his strike partners is amazing and he definitely deserves a mention in this weekly column.

AT: Peter Parker (Vasco da Gama)

This striker has built on accolades of last season where he was inducted into the Team of the Season by building on his good performances in Division 1. 1 goal, 2 assists and 2 MOMs will certainly cement his place as one of Vasco’s favourite player. The player, nicknamed Spiderman, has definitely impressed with his powerful shots that almost seem to ‘stick’ to the back of the net after he scores!

AT: Marcus Pedersen (SK Lyn)

This veteran striker has defied the odds of age to continue scoring for his club where he has been since he was a young kid, having 3 goals and 1 assist so far in just 2 games. He is slowly closing in on his 300 career goals and at such blistering form, he’d strike terror into the hearts of opponent defenders even before he takes to the field.

AT: Vincenzo Iaquinta (Barcelona FC)

3 goals in 2 games make Iaquinta a must-mention for this week. What’s so amazing about him is that he has single handedly accounted for 100% of Barcelona’s goals so far. He also scored a crucial equalizer against Haka in the 90th minute and the importance of this highly underrated veteran striker cannot be dismissed.

Manager: Jean Noel de Melo Rocha (Vasco da Gama)

2 wins out of 2 have put Vasco firmly on top in Division 1 and although being newly promoted, Vasco has not shown any signs of nervousness. However, it is to be noted that their opponents have been generally weaker teams and the coming games against Chievo, Lyn and Groningen will show where their title credentials lie. If they can continue this superb form against the top teams in Division 1, they will definitely be challenging for awards come end of the season.

AS Monaco

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